Current Date: 2 Dec, 2023

Libya: Is It A Third Government Or Elections?

Libya: Is It A Third Government Or Elections?

Despite destruction and tragedies left behind by wars, there exists a positive side, which is not clear to anyone who is not looking thoroughly.

The end of a war denotes the end of a particular phase and the beginning of another one. From pools of tears and blood and amidst groaning and wailing emerges a new reality, different from the one before.

Wars have been an important engine of human progress, intellectually, politically, scientifically, and economically throughout history.

Much scientific progress was a result of wars. This article is to monitor the speed-up developments that followed Saturday, August 27, war in some areas in and around Tripoli.

This accelerated the political moves to find a political solution that puts a stop to the legitimacy crisis and limits resorting to guns.

Important developments that occurred after the battles' dust settled are as follows :

Travel bans and arrest warrants were sent out by the Military Prosecutor against well-known figures of the scene from the February leadership.

Their contribution and fame to the Revolution and the following wars against Haftar and ISIS did not stop the enforcement of the law.

The rush of High Council of State (HCS) members, some of whom aligned with the Bashagha government deal and (HoR) House of Representatives to issue a statement where they called for parliamentary elections and undoubtedly fear people's wrath they had, as they are co-inspirator of the calamities that came upon the country, is what prompted the statement issuance.

Regional and international moves noticed that if the abortion of election continues, the armed conflict will continue.

Aqila and Al-Mashri met to discuss how to contain the war's repercussions and join forces to maintain dominance of the political scene.

Turkish diplomatic moves try to cool the situation in its areas of influence. Its opponents' Egypt and Russia areas of influence are calmer.

An American attempt for the new UN envoy nomination, after a failure of eight months since former envoy Jan Kubis resigned.

Lots of personalities and municipal councils repudiated the parliament government's mandate and made known their support of National Unity for the Government, which strengthened its position and got more powerful. 

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