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How To Start Fish Farming In Morocco

Fish farming in Morocco remains a profitable and safe venture. As a result, the country was ranked 1st in Africa and 13th Worldwide by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2018.

Starting a fish farm in Morocco ensures good returns. Depending on a personal capacity, one can begin a fish farm of any size. However, there are significant steps to be taken when starting a fish farm in this country.

How To Start Fish Farming In Morocco

Write a Business Plan

A fish farm can either be for personal or commercial use. If it is for commercial use, writing a good business plan is crucial to setting up the fish farm.

This is because writing a business plan involves:

  • Conducting a feasibility study.
  • Conducting proper market research to know what is obtainable.
  • Documenting goals and objectives.

A well-documented business plan can give you access to financial support from investors and the government or loans. Therefore, the following information should be documented when writing a fish farming business plan.

Register Your Fish Farm

After the creation of a good business plan, the next step is the registration of your business. By registering your business, your business becomes certified, and you can enjoy every benefit of registered companies. Register your business under the Morocco Limited Liability Company.

Get Adequate Training 

You need knowledge, training, and technical skills to succeed in fish farming. Proper training will help in identifying healthy fish, understanding the type of medication, preventing disease outbreaks, and the time to administer medication. 

To run the farm effectively, it is advisable to learn as an apprentice under a practicing fish farmer or get lessons from an expert. 

Determine The Species Of Fish To Breed

There are several species of fish in Morocco. This is why it is good to consult an expert to determine which species would thrive better in your environment.

Get a Good Location For The Fish Pond

After you have determined the species of fish to breed, the next thing is to find a space for the fish pond. A fish pond can be situated anywhere because fish does not cause any environmental disturbance.

Construct The Pond

As a starter, it is essential to know the type of pond that suits you best based on where you would carry out the farm activities. There are majorly three types of ponds. They are a concrete pond, earthen pond, and plastic tank pond.

In addition to the pond, the fish should have a good water supply. 

Purchase your fingerlings 

Fingerlings are baby fish needed to start a fish farm.

Choose the Right Fish Feed

For a successful fish farm, it is necessary to feed the fish with good and nutritious supplementary fish. There are three means of fish feed.

Natural fish feed

This is naturally found in the pond. It includes; bacteria, detritus, plankton, insects, worms, aquatic plants, snails, and fish.

Supplementary fish feed

This is usually locally available cheap materials like terrestrial plants, agricultural by-products, or kitchen wastes. This is not advisable. 

Complete feed

This is a carefully made fish feed. They are usually made with good ingredients and nutrients. They are made by experts who understand the perfect formula for the fish at every stage.


Marketing is critical because you need people to know what you do. So indulge in a marketing strategy that involves the creation of a website and social media handles. Take the awareness to supermarkets, restaurants, and everywhere that needs fish.

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