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How to start fish farming in Egypt

Egypt's annual fish production reached two million tons in 2019, achieving 85 percent self-sufficiency. Fisheries produce 1.6 million tons of that total. The remainder came from the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Nile River, and lakes. So the question now is, What's fish farming?

Fish farming (or pisciculture) is raising fish in ponds for personal or commercial consumption. It is one of the most profitable agricultural businesses that anyone can begin, especially in Egypt.

How to start fish farming in Egypt

Compared to beef, fish is a much better source of protein and contains omega-3 fatty acids. However, many people who want to start an aquaculture business, particularly fish farming, have many questions.

Questions like: how to begin a fish farm, how much it costs to raise a fish in Egypt, the different pond types, how to make money from fish farming, and so on, will be answered in this article.

Many fish can be raised for commerce, but catfish, tilapia, and crab are the most popular ones.

Fish farming needs less space but more freshwater for optimal performance than other livestock industries such as raising cattle, goats, cows, etc.


Want to start your fish farm? To create a fish farm, you must know the fundamental requirements.

There are some fundamental things you must set up for you to successfully run the business if you want to begin a fish farm, particularly catfish farming.

 Make a Plan

The first step in owning and running a successful fish business, more importantly, if you want to be commercially profitable, is to have a plan.

You don't want to start a fish farm not knowing how much it will cost to run the business, the requirements, how you will market the farm, and other factors to consider before starting the farm. 

Likewise, you don't want to create a fish farm without knowing how much is required to run the business, the company's requirements, how you will market the industry, and other factors to consider before beginning the farm. 

Conduct some research



Following your plan and determining the cost of starting a fish farm, you should conduct market research. If you are new to fish farming and have no prior experience, you will not want to begin a farm and end up a failure.

The essential thing you can do for yourself is to seek industry professionals training. Of course, you can also watch videos online, but you are recommended to get physical activity.

You will learn some things when you participate in physical training that you will not know if you only watch videos. In addition, this will broaden your business horizons and be a fun ride when you decide to start.


Determine Your Farm's Size

The next thing you must do is know the size of your farm now that you have a plan and have received some training.

This is crucial because you can't start working on your farm without knowing how big or small it will be. How much money you have will determine the size of your farm.



You need to know the prerequisites for starting a fish farm once all the elements mentioned earlier have been established.


If you want to begin a fish farm, money is the first requirement. Next, you'll need money to buy the supplies you'll need to run your farm. The amount of capital you will require will depend on the size of your farm, as I already mentioned.

Starting a farm with 1,000 fish will require a different amount than one with 3,000 fish. Nevertheless, certain costs might be the same. For example, if you want to run a commercial fishery, it requires more capital than poultry farming, but not as much.



The next thing you'll need to begin a fish farm is a location. This could be your home, a rented farm, or personal property. Whatever area you choose, ensure it is safe and easily accessible.

It is preferable to acquire waterlogged land (if you want to use an earthen pond). However, if this is not an option, your farm should have a sound drainage system to dispose of dirty water. This is significant because you will be regularly disposing of a lot of water.




A pond is the third requirement for starting a fish farm. How will you create a fish farm if you don't have a place to live? Then, when it comes time to stock the fish, you will place them in ponds.

There are various types of ponds in which you can raise your fish. When selecting a pond to grow your fish, make sure it is simple to maintain.

The cost of building a pond is determined by the type of pond you intend to use for fish breeding.




Fish require water to survive. Therefore, to start and succeed with a fish farm, you must have a sound water system. A good water source will give you peace of mind while also assisting your fish in growing faster.


Your water supply can come from a natural source (stream, river), a well, or a borehole. The first thing is to test the water's pH.

Your fish may be in danger if the water pH is too low or too high (especially if you want to start hatching). You must ensure that you have a reliable water source. It is essential to know is that your mind that your farm's location needs a steady water supply.

Power Source (Electricity)


A power source is a next thing you'll need to start a fish farm. Why is the electricity needed on my farm? Your fish will require regular water changes, so you'll need a device to pump the water.

You could buy a generator, install a solar power system, or rely on government power. Whatever you decide, power should not be an issue on your farm.

Overhead Tank

This goes with your water. If you are starting, you will need an overhead tank to store water for later use. If there is no power, you need to change the water in the pond where you keep your fish.


There are various sizes of overhead tanks available. You could also construct a reservoir on your farm.


A protective net is a next thing you'll need to start a fish farm. This isn't as important as the other items, but if you stock your fish in an earthen pond, you'll need a protective net.


This will keep predators away from the fish, especially young ones.

Fish Catfish Juvenile


The main reason you've spent so much money on equipment is to keep your fish comfortable. Therefore, the following step is to stock your pond with fish. At this point, the success of your farm will be determined by the fish you stock. 

You must ensure that your fish (fries, fingerlings, or juveniles) are obtained from a reputable source. If you buy runt fish, you will be wasting your money by feeding them. This can be a bad experience.

Catfish Feed Feeds

 Aside from getting quality fish from a reliable source, the feed you give your fish is the next success factor. Various feed types are available in Egypt and other parts of the world. 

While providing your fish with 100% natural feed is impossible, you must ensure that the supplementary feed you provide is high quality.


Personnel is the final requirement for starting a fish farm. You'll need someone to oversee the farm's day-to-day operations. You can be your manager if you own a small-scale farm.

However, if you go commercial, you will need to hire people to feed them, change their water, and check on them to ensure there are no farm problems.

You will need to be on the ground frequently at the start of your farm to oversee things yourself. Therefore, when interviewing personnel for your farm, ensure they are trustworthy and have prior experience with fish farming.

Poor farm management can result in the loss of your investment.

In conclusion, fish farming is a lucrative business to consider in Egypt, and records prove that Egypt has excelled massively in fish farming. So give it a try.

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