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How to Get Started with Crypto in 2023

Do you know that you can try out your most dreaded venture, "cryptocurrency," this 2023? I termed it dreaded as before it was introduced into the world, only some believed in crypto.

However, thankfully years later, with over 60,000 people worldwide polled about crypto, 97% of them saw digital assets, namely cryptocurrency, as a safe and practical means to make money through investing.

The most surprising fact is that 53% of crypto owners in the United States are between the ages of 18 and 34, with 35% between the ages of 35 and 54.

How to Get Started with Crypto in 2023

Most cryptocurrency users are millennials, although 63% of American adults are considered "crypto curious," with individuals 65 and older constituting the smallest but fastest-growing sector. 

The fear of crypto investing has subsided due to large financial institutions becoming more open to including crypto in their investment portfolios. Furthermore, the proliferation of apps has made it easier than ever to invest in cryptocurrency.

This gets us to define crypto, the core concept of our study. A cryptocurrency, sometimes known as a "crypto," is a digital payment system that doesn't depend on banks to authenticate transactions. Instead, it refers to any money that operates professionally and employs encryption to secure transactions.

With the testimonials above, I'm sure you're curious to begin the cryptocurrency journey right away but hold up, do you know how to begin? There are hundreds of articles on topics like "how to make rich with cryptocurrencies," "how to get into crypto," and "next big cryptocurrency. 

However, this article wants you to know some risks involved and harness wealth with cryptocurrency. Hence the title, "How to Start Crypto in 2023."

 Digest some of these nuggets below and have a fantastic crypto experience this 2023.


Have a cryptocurrency wallet

We always carried around this yellow Mtn Mini Wallet when we were kids to save our snack money. The thrill level increases when the wallet fills up.

Also, remember that some kids back then only wanted the yellow mountain pocketbook in the hopes that money might one day appear. There is nothing wrong with optimism. Well, owning a wallet can be compared to the adage "Make hay as the sun rises," which is very much relatable (specifically crypto wallet)

Investors and traders should consider storing cryptocurrencies safely, as they need a digital wallet before they can begin trading cryptocurrencies. So firstly, you should open an account with a broker or a cryptocurrency exchange. After that, it's a loop. 

After completing the registration process, investors buy cryptocurrencies using fiat cash and then move them to a secure digital wallet for storage, continuing the cycle.

A crypto wallet needs both a public key plus a private key. Public wallet addresses are generated using the public key and are visible to all users. For the wallet to receive cryptocurrency, a public key, composed of letters and numbers, must be shared with others. 

Therefore, when creating a crypto wallet, public keys are automatically generated. On the other hand, the private key cannot be seen by anyone. Therefore, to send bitcoins from their wallets, traders need access to this private key. Or, the private key essentially acts as the password.

Additionally, upon initial setup, new crypto wallets produce a seed phrase. If the wallet's password is forgotten, this seed phrase is utilized to recover the cryptocurrency.

Users of the wallet will be unable to access their bitcoins if they forget their password without the recovery phrase. Because of this, it's imperative always to keep the wallet's private key secure. " kind of digital wallet selected will also affect the cryptocurrency's safety.

Investors considering acquiring a cryptocurrency wallet have two choices: Software and Hard wallets. Said the investor's plan will eventually determine the best crypto wallet. For instance, a person who conducts numerous trades might opt to use a software wallet. 

Click here to read extensively on both types of wallets.


Recognize the associated macroeconomic risks

The price of cryptocurrencies can change by 10% or even more in a single day. The high risks might be too much for confident investors and beginner investors. However, there are additional strategies for managing risk when buying cryptocurrencies.

Investors must be aware of the cryptocurrency market's macro and systemic risks. For example, due to sanctions on Russian energy, the war in Ukraine has resulted in an energy crisis. In addition, markets are still uneasy due to the U.S. 

Federal Reserve's monetary policy reaction to inflation. Finally, with increased regulatory pressure and miner capitulation likely to continue into the new year, the crypto contagion from previous bankruptcies continues to inject volatility into the market.

Ukraine war, inflation, and rising interest rates

 The economic consequences of the conflict in Ukraine have affected the world economy. Russia is the world's primary energy supplier, mainly for Europe. However, the restrictions on Russian energy have caused a crisis in a number of those nations, with prices soaring and supply falling.

Government-enacted economic shutdown measures in reaction to the COVID-19 epidemic, coupled with significant increases in the money supply, have caused inflation to surge in Europe, the U.S., and other parts of the world.


By raising interest rates to combat inflation, central banks will put downward pressure on stock markets and cryptocurrency values through 2022. Moreover, with persistently high inflation and interest rates in 2023, a potential expansion of the war in Ukraine could cause further harm to investors.

The Crypto Contagion 

The crypto markets are still plagued by the ripple effects of Terra's collapse in May. In addition, when FTX failed in November, Bitcoin reached a brand-new cycle bottom. These critical events have sent shockwaves that have not yet subsided.

Many businesses have filed for bankruptcy, and while they work to repay their debts, they may sell off their cryptocurrency holdings, which might lead to new sell-offs in the market. So as the new year begins, investors should keep this in mind. 


Regulatory pressures

The United States has been getting cryptocurrency legislation for a while. However, the likelihood that rules will advance in 2023 has only grown due to the spectacular events of 2022.

Long-term support for the cryptocurrency industry may come from institutional investment brought on by regulatory clarity. However, centralized exchanges, stablecoins, and protocols would shortly go through a period of disruption. 

For example, the market may see instability if a well-known stablecoin, such as Tether USDT, tickers down $1.00 or USD Coin (USDC) is subject to governmental scrutiny.

Learn about 2023 crypto regulations

Miner Capitulation

Pressure on bitcoin miners will rise if prices keep dropping. Bitcoin mining is a capital-intensive industry, and as prices decline, it becomes unprofitable for these industries to continue operating. Because of this, the cost of Bitcoin is under pressure as miners must sell their coins to fund expenses.

Previous bear markets have been characterized by miner capitulation, which can indicate the lowest point of the bear phase.

In addition to these dangers, the cryptocurrency industry frequently offers unexpected opportunities like Terra and FTX. Therefore, it is wise to bear it in mind when considering investments.


Smart Investing

This provides a general plan for wise investment that could reduce risk and prevent losses. Just like games have rules to win and lose, there are undoubtedly crypto investment must-knows to avoid failure.


Investors should think about how to become wealthy with cryptocurrencies once they have a fundamental understanding of what digital assets are. This is, after all, the primary justification for learning how to invest in cryptocurrency.

Do your homework and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each project before making an investment decision. Examine roadmaps, read white papers, and look around the community.

The primary step to investing this 2023 is allocating a percentage of your portfolio to blue-chip cryptocurrencies. The goal of investing is to preserve capital. Therefore, it is a wise decision to invest in reputable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether ETH tickers down $1,254.

Also, the investment decisions of venture capital funds like a16z, Sequoia Capital, Solana Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, and others are worth monitoring.

Other ways include:

Layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains 

The next stage in investing in risky assets, excluding Bitcoin and Ethereum, is to investigate layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains. Spreading exposure among blockchains that have at least experienced one weak market and then examining new blockchains that appear promising may be worthwhile.

The layer 1s Solana, Avalanche, Polkadot, Cardano, and Aptos are a few that need attention. Immutable, Polygon, and Arbitrum are some examples of layer 2. A layer-1 or layer-2 blockchain investment often has a more negligible risk than one in an application. 

For instance, investing in Ethereum carries less risk than investing in Uniswap, an Ethereum-based DeFi tool. This is so that the price of Ethereum can withstand the failure of a single decentralized app despite having thousands of others. However, investors in the application will lose their money if Uniswap is unsuccessful.

This is not a critique of Uniswap; instead, it is a general observation of risk management. A backup investment choice for each primary option is good when selecting layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains.

For instance, someone optimistic about Solana might want to hedge their bets by making a modest investment in Aptos, the supposedly "Solana-killer." Essentially, Aptos is to Solana what Ethereum was to Solana a cycle ago. A portfolio with such shadow assets will be solid and well-balanced.

Maximize Airdrops

A crypto airdrop is a marketing technique used by cryptocurrency entrepreneurs. It entails providing tokens to the wallets of existing cryptocurrency traders, either for free or in exchange for a minor promotional service.

Airdrops frequently introduce a new virtual currency to raise awareness, and you either accept or Decline by tapping. 
The AirDrop will be received in the same app from where it was sent if you choose to accept it., This is why as an investor, you should invest early in the project to be eligible for an airdrop when a project launches its coin. According to predictions, many crypto initiatives will be tested in 2023, so grab some airdrops.


Creating a Strategy

Having known the associated risks that may thrive in cryptocurrency this 2023, it's advisable to put on some guard against losses associated with risks- strategy. 

In the cryptocurrency industry, there is no magic formula for success. However, buying low and selling high should generally be the strategy. Because market prices are low and 2023 is an excellent year to start.

You can either invest long-term or short-term. Long-term Investing entails purchasing a cryptocurrency and keeping the tokens for an extended period. This strategy is sometimes called "buy and hold" or "HODL." 

Crypto HODLers think that the use cases or growth potential of cryptocurrencies will cause their value to increase over time. The latter has more active Crypto traders involved.

Traders use this approach to speculate on the future price of a cryptocurrency and open trades appropriately to profit. The primary distinction is that traders open and close positions in the short term.

For example, an investor may predict that the price of Bitcoin will rise by the end of the day. As a result, they may start a trade to purchase Bitcoin and close it in a few hours if the price of BTC coins rises. However, as previously stated, the profit from short-term crypto trading can be small.

However, crypto traders open and close several positions to accumulate gains over time. They don't just look for non-digital assets with high growth potential. Instead, they hope to profit from cryptocurrency's short-term volatility.

As we all know, there are so many ways to kill a rat, hence numerous tactics in cryptocurrency trading;  Some specialists hold positions open for several hours, while others close them in a matter of minutes. In addition, traders can utilize derivatives such as CFDs to go short - to profit from declining digital asset values.

Traders commonly use technical indicators and other crypto tools to make judgments. Needless to add, crypto trading is not suitable for complete beginners because it requires some knowledge. 

However, investors can eventually select the appropriate approach based on their financial situation and level of risk tolerance.

Regardless, it is always essential to understand the suggested method before purchasing cryptocurrency. This will make it easier to discover answers to crucial queries like how much money should be invested in cryptocurrencies and which digital assets to buy.

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