Current Date: 3 Oct, 2023

Gunmen attack a bullion van in Anambra

According to the police, it is a robbery case. In the southeast Nigerian state of Anambra, in the community of Ufuma, gunmen ambushed a bullion van on Thursday.

Gunmen attack a bullion van in Anambra

The incident happened around 4:00. The gunmen allegedly followed the bullion van as it delivered the money to an unidentified location and opened fire on the vehicle and the security personnel inside.

State police spokesperson Tochukwu Ikenga has confirmed the attack. According to him, it was an armed robbery.

He said, “Police officers assigned to the bullion van gallantly repelled the attack.” A deputy police superintendent named Mr. Ikenga claimed that the police had started looking for the attackers. 


He asserted that the Lexus and Highlander SUVs used by the armed robbers had been located. Other items taken from the gunmen during the operation included an empty magazine, a bulletproof vest that had been defaced, and charms, according to the police.

More assaults

Anambra State has experienced a decline in security, similar to other states in the southeast of Nigeria, due to a rise in armed assailants.

Attacks frequently target government officials, security agencies, and facilities.

The Nigerian government has blamed the unlawful Indigenous People of Biafra for the deadly attacks in the area. However, the group has consistently denied taking part in the attacks.

The separatist group is driving the movement to carve out a separate state of Biafra from the southeast and some regions of south-south Nigeria.

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