Current Date: 3 Oct, 2023

Goalkeeper Andre Onana of Cameroon leaves international service.

Following the FIFA World Cup calamity, Cameroon's goalkeeper, Andre Onana, decided to withdraw from international football.

Goalkeeper Andre Onana of Cameroon leaves international service. 

Onana started the Indomitable Lions' opening loss against Switzerland while he was a member of Cameroon's team in Qatar. 

The shot-stopper was removed from Cameroon's starting lineup against Serbia in the second game after a disagreement with head coach Rigobert Song over tactics when the 26-year-old refused to alter his playing style. 

After the 3-3 draw with Serbia, Song stated that Onana's exclusion was due to disciplinary issues. After that, the Internazionale goaltender returned home and did not participate in the remainder of Cameroon's FIFA World Cup campaign, which finished in the group stages.


Onana announced his decision to leave international football on his Twitter account. "It all began in Ngol Nkok, a little community where my family taught me the principles that define the Cameroonian people from an early age.

 I realized that love for this nation is an unchanging sentiment, and commitment is unassailable," Onana stated. "I recall how my family and I enjoyed watching the games.

"Only Cameroonians can comprehend what seeing the Indomitable Lions play means to us. I then began to daydream of donning the jersey of my country. 

And now, after countless hours of practice, countless journeys, and much tenacity, I can state with pride that I have realized my great dream.

"However beautiful a narrative may be, everyone has a conclusion. My experience with the national squad of Cameroon is now over. Players come and go, and names fade, but Cameroon takes precedence over everyone else.

"Cameroon is timeless, as is my passion for the team and our people, who have always stood by us through the most challenging times. "My opinion won't ever alter. Wherever I go, I will battle to raise the flag of Cameroon as high as I can because my Cameroonian heart will never stop beating.

"I will continue to watch matches as a fan, just like the over 27 million Cameroonians do. I only express my gratitude to everyone who trusted me and thought I could strengthen and advance this team.

"The country first and always." 

Onana made 34 games for the Indomitable Lions in the six years following his debut in 2016 and will be greatly missed in the Cameroon national team.

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