Current Date: 3 Oct, 2023

Gary Lineker enraged when Lionel Messi hid the Argentina shirt to hoist the World Cup trophy

Lionel Messi wore a  black cloak covering his Argentina shirt at the trophy presentation and raised the World Cup trophy in Qatar while wearing it.

At the World Cup trophy presentation in Qatar, Lionel Messi was compelled to conceal his Argentina jersey with a black and gold cloak. 

Gary Lineker enraged when Lionel Messi hid the Argentina shirt to hoist the World Cup trophy

Due to a 3-3 draw at the Lusail Stadium, Messi emerged as the game's hero by scoring twice and making his penalty kick in a thrilling shootout victory over France. 

His World Cup career came to an ideal conclusion as he added the one significant achievement still missing from his resume in historical scenes in Qatar.


But as Messi eventually approached the podium to accept the trophy, the Emir of Qatar presented him with a black robe. Although, as BBC announcer Guy Mowbray proclaimed, it was "the night the true king of football is coronated," he put on the article of apparel.

After receiving the trophy, Messi approached his teammates cautiously as they celebrated one of the most famous moments in football history. However, the robe obscured Messi's blue and white Argentina shirt.

Gary Lineker didn't like receiving the piece of clothes at the presentation, either. But, superb images, fantastic aerial photography, and fantastic on-field photography as Argentina wins the World Cup for the third time, he added.

He continued, "It seems a shame that they've covered up Messi in his Argentina shirt. Pablo Zabaleta, a former defender for Argentina, responded, "Just, why? Why? Why would you do that? 

Nobody marked him that closely throughout the game. Lineker continued as Alan Shearer made light of the situation by saying, "I didn't believe Infantino was going to let him go either."

But before someone could affix the third star to his Argentina jersey to commemorate their third World Cup victory, Messi quickly took off the robe. So I saw three stars on Messi's shirt, Lineker remarked. And he has removed the petite robe.

Gary Lineker became enraged. The robe belonged to Messi when the historic moment occurred. Gary Neville, who praised Messi's accomplishments on ITV Sport after the game, was among many who ran out of compliments for the player.

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