Current Date: 28 May, 2024

Fuel Tanker Explosion Near Johannesburg Leaves at Least 10 Dead and Dozens Hurt

Emergency services reported that a petrol tanker explosion in Boksburg, South Africa, east of Johannesburg, resulted in ten fatalities and about 40 injuries.

Fuel Tanker Explosion Near Johannesburg Leaves at Least 10 Dead and Dozens Hurt

On Saturday morning, a tanker carrying liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) became trapped beneath a bridge near a hospital and homes. "A gas truck was stuck under a bridge, according to a call we received at 7:50 in the morning. 

The fires needed to be put out, so firefighters were called. Sadly, the tanker caught fire and detonated." According to AFP, William Ntladi is the region's emergency services spokeswoman.

The driver was one of those hurt and was brought to a hospital, he added. According to Ntladi, the victims were in critical condition. Additionally, six firefighters experienced minor wounds.

Social media videos depicted a massive explosion under the bridge that the tanker didn't fit under because of its height. It was coming from the country's southeast and was carrying 60,000 liters of LPG, a fuel used for cooking and gas burners.

ACCORDING TO JEAN MARIE BOOYSEN, witness A "big jolt" was felt shortly after 6:30 a.m. local time. Standing next to a forensics team searching the scene, she remarked, "Today is a sad day in our little neighborhood.

"When I walked upstairs to make my tea, I noticed huge flames. I believed there was a home fire, "She spoke. The girl, 16, and the boy, 25, who came and mowed my grass every weekend, perished here across the street, she claimed to have learned afterward.

William, another witness who did not disclose his last name, described a succession of explosions and claimed that those in the area felt the blast.

"I believe I was approximately 50 meters away from the area, and I was about 400 meters away when the third one exploded," he claimed. So we did ignite a fire behind our backs.

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