Current Date: 28 Sep, 2023

Four people were killed in the N3 collision, including relatives of the Minority Front leader

Following a collision on the N3 at the Mariannhill Toll that killed four people, a truck driver was detained. According to the transport division, the truck's owner company should be held accountable.

According to the department, there will be more interactions with the trucking sector. For example, in Mariannhill, KwaZulu-Natal, a 15-car pileup on the N3 claimed the lives of four people, including the son and daughter-in-law of Minority Front (MF) leader Shameem Thakur-Rajbansi.

Four people were killed in the N3 collision, including relatives of the Minority Front leader

A truck driver has been detained in connection with the crash. The driver is appointed to appear in court in Pinetown on several counts, including culpable homicide and careless driving. 

According to Sipho Hlomuka, theKwaZulu-NatalMEC for Transport, Community Safety, and Liaison, the accident's cause is being investigated. However, if it is discovered that the truck had some flaws, Hlomuka continued, the truck's owner "must be held accountable."


It is alleged that the truck crashed into 15 cars after failing to stop. As a result, Pradhil Thakur-Rajbansi and his fiancee Priyanka Nundkumar were among those who passed away. Both individuals were involved in the MF, with Nundkumar maintaining close contact with the party's national executive.

The MEC was concerned about the alarmingly high number of truck-related accidents. According to Hlomuka, who was moved from the cooperative governance portfolio to the transportation one in August, something extraordinary needs to be done to save the lives of innocent people on the roads.

"We applaud the decision to press charges against the driver. But, additionally, we demand that the trucking company be punished. This must make it clear to all truck drivers and other road users that our province will not tolerate those who kill people while driving.

According to Hlomuka, the department gave the order to "develop an integrated plan with a heavy vehicle focus. This will examine the drivers' credentials, the trucks' roadworthiness, and other compliance issues. 

We will also engage with the trucking industry to understand basic safety improvement plans, compliance, and driver monitoring." According to Hlomuka, the government is preparing several interventions to stop the scourge of crashes in high-crash zones.

He continued, "interventions" introducing safety measures, such as technology, were made on the N3 near the Pieter Brown off-ramp.

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