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Foreign Minister: UNGA Presidency Greatest Win For Maldivan Foreign Affairs

Foreign Minister: UNGA Presidency Greatest Win For Maldivan Foreign Affairs

Abdulla Shahid, Minister of Foreign Affairs, described the UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) Presidency as a one-of-a-kind win for the Maldives and also the Maldives Foreign service.

Shahid delivered his last remarks on Tuesday at the concluding session of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly. In the course of the address, he acknowledged the foreign policy of the Maldives President, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, for the golden opportunity to lead the UN.

"The fact that the 76th session of the universal body of the United Nations was presided over by a Maldivan national is a result of the strong foreign policy of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. This is proof that Maldivians have earned the trust and respect of the international community."

Shahid appreciated all that supported his endeavours and assisted him during his term and thanked President Solih especially.

"I thank Mr President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for entrusting me with this great responsibility. This is a victory for your forward-looking foreign policy as well as your commitment to materialism."

He proceeded to praise the teams' hard work at the Foreign Ministry and said they have indeed shown the world "...what a small team of very highly determined and committed individuals, that refuse to give up hope can achieve."

"I have a single word for Team Khaarijee – Kurevijje (we have done it)."

Additionally, Shahid talked about working during the COVID-19 pandemic and being able to overcome the challenges that came with it.

"Regardless that the pandemic forced us to work in a hybrid fashion, I am extremely proud that we finished the regular part of the sessions work on time and adopted the

His term as the UNGA President was led under the theme "Presidency of Hope", which was built on Five Rays of Hope.

Recovering from Covid-19 budget inclusive. 
This is wouldn't have been possible if not for the commitment and steadfast leadership of the committee chairs and their respective bureaus."

  • Rebuilding sustainability 
  • Responding to the planet's needs 
  • Respecting the rights of all 
  • Revitalising the United Nations.

“My team and I worked every day for the past 365 days to deliver this vision.”

Shahid in concluding his speech, said, "Today, the 76th session of the general assembly has come to an end, but hope must live on."

He congratulated Csaba Korosi, the 77th UNGA President-elect and wished him and his team the best.

Shahid contested against the Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, Zalmai Rassoul, and secured the position of the UNGA President. He was elected on September 14, 2021.

This is the first time a Maldivian was elected to a position as high as this in an international body.

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