Current Date: 20 Apr, 2024

First BSV Citadel Office Opens In India

First BSV Citadel Office Opens In India

The Bitcoin Association for BSV now has a Citadel office in Bangalore, India. This office will be officially inaugurated on October 16. In India lately, digital currency has been in the spotlight, and this announcement could not have come at a better time.

The Citadel set-up is happening not up to a month after the first-ever Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit on August 5  in Bangalore, in which nearly 200 speakers and attendees were present. Including Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum President and Dr Craig S. Wright.

The summit concentrated on India stack and blockchain, micropayment, tokenomics, scalability, IPv6b and IoT and their varied applications, accompanied by a technical workshop demonstrating BSV blockchain-based products by several companies.

The Citadel will be managed and headed by three of Bitcoin Associations Ambassadors to India – Parimal Priyadarshi of Nu10 Technologies, Mallikaejun Karra of TimeChain Labs and Rohan Sharan of TimeChain Labs.

The space will be free to use for CEOs, BSV knowledge seekers, and developers to explore, discuss and build utility-based projects on the BSV enterprise blockchain.

It is also to be used for hackathons, BSV outreach events, regular meetings and meetups.

Karra told CoinGeek, “The India Citadel is ready to distinguish itself by being at the forefront of research, innovation and technical standards, by having important research figures from the BSV space such as Xiaohui Liu and Konstantinos Sgantzos on the advisory board with a few Indian academics  who will together give direction to niche projects to be executed by qualified project leaders and their mentees.”

When MoneySwipe’s Kumaraguru Ramanujam and as well a Bitcoin Association Ambassador to India, asked how they feel concerning the opening of the first Citadel in India, he said, “It is a very good opportunity for BSV developers and young entrepreneurs to collaborate and learn from one another, and for the office to be used as a co-working space for the BSV community.”

Ramanujam said that this shows Bitcoin Associations Commitment and acknowledgement to the region that India is fast becoming the technology startup capital.

Sharing similar vigour and enthusiasm Priyadarshi told CoinGeek that the BSV Citadel in India is a very good move and will work as the foundation for the country's BSV growth ecosystem.

Priyadarshi said, “India is a huge market for blockchain technology, and we will endeavour to leverage the wonderful talent pool that we have here.”

Priyadarshi emphasised, “The next internet generation is a US$13 trillion industry, and Bitcoin SV should be at the forefront when this transformation occurs.”

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