Current Date: 2 Apr, 2023

Egypt will improve the capabilities of foreigners arriving in Saudi Arabia

Egypt aspires to dispatch more laborers to Saudi Arabia so they can work on current projects.

Egypt will improve the capabilities of foreigners arriving in Saudi Arabia

Following significant meetings conducted by the Minister of State for Immigration and Expatriates, Soha Gendi is stepping up efforts to train expatriates traveling to Saudi Arabia.

The minister spoke with Faisal Al-Otaibi, the Saudi labor attaché in Cairo, on ways to increase Egyptian expatriates' participation in the Kingdom's labor market.

She referred to earlier conversations she had while in Saudi Arabia with Ahmad bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, the country's minister of human resources and social development.

The discussions resulted in forming of a working group that includes embassies and labor offices for the contact between the two sides.
Al-Otaibi claimed that the meeting was a continuation of the recommendations made in Riyadh to strengthen ties between the two nations.

In light of the Kingdom's new employment policy, he emphasized the significance of highlighting the quality of migrant employees.

He claimed that the action would result in a twofold increase in the number of foreign workers in the Kingdom to support new Saudi Arabian projects being introduced.

To have a significant space in the new labor market, the Kingdom sought Egypt's "distinguished human resources," he continued.

Al-Otaibi emphasized the value of collaboration between the Egyptian and Saudi ministries and the Egyptian expatriate population.

He said his position as a Saudi labor attache in Egypt fit into the Kingdom's plan of relocating officials to labor-exporting countries.

According to him, the Saudi group's role involves teaching and enlightening personnel about Kingdom rules and regulations.

Al-Otaibi said that an awareness campaign with videos covering the subjects that Egyptian workers need to know about their rights and duties in the Kingdom is being planned.

Gendi stated that she would tell to publish the instructional information as part of the campaign. It consists of films, infographics, and statements shared on the Ministry of Immigration's social media sites.

Similarly to the Egyptian-German Center linked with the Ministry of Immigration, Gendi recommended the development of an Egyptian-Saudi center for migration, jobs, and reintegration.

Egypt's plans also aim to provide ex-pats with the essential skills to help the country accomplish its sustainable development goals and the Kingdom's Vision 2030 program.

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