Current Date: 28 Sep, 2023

Despite the holiday celebrations, fuel costs won't change

This December, the Kenyan energy regulator has not changed the fuel price.

Despite the holiday celebrations, fuel costs won't change

According to the most recent assessment by theEnergy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority(Epra), a liter of gasoline would retail in Nairobi for Sh177.3, a liter of diesel for Sh162, and a liter of kerosene for Sh145.94.


Despite the landing cost of imported fuel rising by 2.65% for gasoline, 6.56 percent for diesel, and 6.01 percent for kerosene in November, the regulator stated it would maintain the current prices.

Nairobi Power Company

According to a press released by Epra on Wednesday, plans are to safeguard consumers from otherwise high prices.

The diesel price has been cross-subsidized with that of super fuel. In contrast, a subsidy of Sh25.07 per liter has been maintained for kerosene."

"To make up the cost gap, the government will use the Petroleum Development Levy to pay oil marketing businesses."

Following a similar decrease in October, Epra gave Kenyans little comfort at the pump in November by lowering fuel prices by Sh1. The regulator claimed that the price cut came after an up to 9% decrease in the landing cost of imported petroleum goods.

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