Current Date: 2 Apr, 2023

Communications Department spends R104 million on entertainment, neglecting the Post Office- Democratic Alliance

While the Post Office and SABC fell apart, the Department of Communications spent an astounding R104 million on entertainment. 

Communications Department spends R104 million on entertainment, neglecting the Post Office- Democratic Alliance 

The Department of Communications and Digital Technologies spent R104 million on catering, travel, and entertainment. At the same time, SAPO employees suffered through a dreadful holiday season without access to medical care.

The information was provided in response to a question posed in parliament by the Democratic Alliance (DA).

The Department of Communications "blows" Taxpayers' money

Other divisional institutions, alongside the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and the South African Post Office (SAPO), have all been charged by the Democratic Alliance (DA) with allowing widespread corruption and fraud to flourish.

According to the party, the South African Post Office is in danger of collapse due to post offices closing around the country and a Hawks investigation into fraudulently stolen employee benefit payments.

The corporation's annual report states that SABC incurred R2.8 billion in irregular, pointless, and wasteful expenditures. However, the party claimed that the SABC still needs to show signs of righting the ship.

"Despite assertions to the contrary, the SABC's debt is once more skyrocketing, with a projected loss of R608 million.

Here's a rundown on the spending with the taxpayers' money

Catering - R5 766 952.89 

Lodging -  R 28 119 012.23

Entertainment - R 80 524.75

Travel  -  R 70 610 099.10

104 576 588.97 Rand in total throughout the previous four fiscal years; that's an estimated R26 million yearly.

DA Dianne Kohler-Barnard, a shadow minister for communications, questioned how the department could justify spending millions on travel, lodging, entertainment, and catering during a time of strict Covid-19 lockdowns.

"The DA will immediately send follow-up questions to the department to know how R104 million was achieved and why they chose to spend the money on rewards instead of on the medical assistance of their workers, pensions, or UIF," asserts Kohler-Barnard.

Khumbudzo Ntshaveni succeeded Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams as Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies in July 2021.

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