Current Date: 28 Sep, 2023

Coastal Hardware introduces Seychelles to innovative Midea air conditioning technology

A new brand and innovative range of air conditioners has recently hit the Seychelles market, imported and distributed by quality hardware supplier Coastal Hardware.

The range of air conditioners, comprising the Xtreme range, and the latest Breezeless model were officially launched last Friday evening at the Savoy Resort & Spa at Beau Vallon.

Coastal Hardware introduces Seychelles to innovative Midea air conditioning technology 

General manager of Coastal Hardware, Cliff Suzanne, noted that the company started offering the Midea range of air conditioners to its product portfolio earlier this year, and is presently the exclusive distributor of Midea air conditioners in Seychelles. 

It hopes to in future grow the brand further and possibly expand to other Midea appliances. 

Despite many other businesses offering similar products, Mr Suzanne highlighted that the range of air conditions features state-of-the-art technology, completely different and more advanced than what is currently available on the market.

Furthermore, the price range is about 10 to 15 percent more affordable than other brands on the market. “The market has been very positive, especially with the newly introduced Breezeless air conditioning units. 

Sales forecasts are promising, with Midea looking to be heading towards becoming the market leader,” Mr Suzanne stated. 

As explained by director of Sales for Africa, Alex Zhou, who was present for the launch, the Midea brand originates from China and is a world-renowned appliance manufacturer.

The Midea Xtreme inverter range of air-conditioners features a slim, curved design, manufactured in high-quality plastic, and built for durability. With powerful cooling capabilities, the models are energy-saving, and boast dual filtration technology, making it a healthy, and the best option for providing fresh and clean air.


Additionally, the units can be controlled through the Midea smartphone application.

As for the Breezeless range, it boasts novel cooling technology, and is the world’s first unit with trademarked twin flaps with mini holes, to cool down a room in unbelievable speed, in a delicate way.

Managing director of Coastal Hardware and Apex Supplies, Murray Clarke, added that with intense competition and saturation in the market, it is essential that businesses understand consumers, something which Midea has taken into consideration and done “incredibly well”.

Coastal Hardware will soon be launching a campaign whereby the air conditioners will be on offer at promotional prices. Additionally, two lucky customers stand a chance to win an air conditioning unit each, a 9000BTU Xtreme unit and 12000BTU Breezeless unit. 

Customers visiting the outlet at Providence will simply have to take a picture in the specially-designed Midea photo booth and to post it to Facebook, and each will be given a peel-and-win scratch card. Nobody will lose as each card is a prize, be it brand merchandise, or the units themselves.

Coastal Hardware has been operating in the Seychelles market for thirteen years, growing from a small equipment-hire company to the quality hardware and appliance retailer that it is today. 

It has successfully introduced and grown international brands to the small Seychelles market and managed to sustain continuous business growth.

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