Current Date: 22 Feb, 2024

Chase and Violet earn a spot on the England team

Violet Higgins of Worcester and her six-year-old terrier, Chase, have earned a spot for Team England at the World Agility Open tournament.

Chase and Violet earn a spot on the England team

Violet, 11 years old, will compete in the 300-height event at the competition, which will be held in The Netherlands in May. Violet has only been participating in the challenging sport for four years, testing the handler and dog's abilities and relationship.


Additionally, they have qualified for Crufts 2023's Young Kennel Club pairs and individual events. The newest Worcester Agility Club member, Violet, tried out for Team England last summer (against adults), qualifying for the international competition.

Violet, the newest Worcester Agility Club member, was training for an international competition in the summer of 2017 during Team England tryouts (against adults). Violet then had to place in the top ten of the junior league to qualify for the UK Agility Grand Finals in October 2017, where she won her class.

The duo receives twice-weekly training and sponsorship from Reef Agility in Stourport, headed by Mariann Bayliss, who has also been selected for the adult World Open squad.

Black Pear Physio and Black Pear Apparel, both Worcester-based businesses, are additional sponsors. Additionally, Violet is fully supported by Nunnery Wood, her school. Unfortunately, sponsors are being sought due to the need for more funding for Dog Agility as a sport. 

Various fundraising events are planned to help Violet and the team pay for their entry fees, team gear, and travel. Visitors to the Facebook page Plaits for England can reach out to potential sponsors there.

Violet says Dog agility is fun, and she's proud of Chase. "We're working hard to make Worcester and England proud of us while showcasing what The Netherlands can do to the rest of the globe. 

Crufts is a bonus, and 2023 is going to be very memorable. According to trainer C, Violet has demonstrated the commitment necessary to compete at such a high level in her first year and richly merits her spot in the World Open and at Crufts.

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