Current Date: 20 Apr, 2024

Brazil forward Richarlison was racially abused as a fan threw a banana at him in France during 5-1 victory over Tunisia.

Brazil forward Richarlison was racially abused as a fan threw a banana at him in France during a 5-1 victory over Tunisia.

Brazil’s awesome end to its World Cup preparation was shadowed by racist abuse, as a fan threw a banana at forward, Richarlison during the 5-1 victory over Tunisia on Tuesday in Paris.

The Tottenham Hotspur star was celebrating after he scored Brazil’s second goal. While celebrating, a banana, among other objects, was thrown at him. His teammate was seen kicking the banana away from the pitch.

After the match, forward Richarlison posted on Twitter: “As long as they stay blah blah blah and don’t punish, it will continue like this, happening every day and everywhere. No time bro! #racismonao [racism no].”

Brazil’s football federation (CBF) issued a statement condemning the perpetrators’ actions and also called for greater action against racism.

“Unfortunately, a banana was thrown on the pitch towards Richarlison, scorer of the second Brazilian goal,” A CBF expression on Twitter read, “The CBF reinforces its position to combat racism and repudiates any manifestation of prejudice.”

Ednaldo Rodrigues, CBF President, later added: “This time, I saw it with my own eyes. This shocks us. We must always remember that we are all equal, regardless of colour, race, or religion.”

“The fight against racism is not a cause, but a fundamental change to sweep this type of crime from the planet. I insist on saying that the punishments need to be more severe.”

The sign that Brazil’s players posed in front of prior to the start read, “Without our black players, we wouldn’t have stars on our shirt.” The stars point out the five World Cup titles Brazil has won.

The statement was made by the players in response to the racist abuse Vinicius Jr (Brazil winger) experienced in the Madrid derby from Atletico Madrid fans.

They subjected the Real Madrid star to abusive chants, which included monkey chants, before and throughout the match.

“They say that happiness bothers,” Vinicius said. “The happiness of a victorious black Brazilian in Europe bothers much more.”

“But my desire to win, my smile, and the sparkle in my eyes are much bigger than that. You can’t even imagine it. I was a victim of a xenophobic and racist comment,” none of these started yesterday.

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