Current Date: 2 Apr, 2023

Botswana man hangs himself because he can't see his lover

A 43-year-old Botswana guy hanged himself in a classic instance of "I'd rather die if I can't have you" when he was allegedly denied access to his girlfriend.

Botswana man hangs himself because he can't see his lover

The man was discovered hanging on a tree last weekend, which has the people of Moroka hamlet in a state of shock.

Mothusi Padi, the commander of the Tshesebe police station, verified the incident to reporters.

According to Padi, police are investigating the claim that a 43-year-old man hanged himself over the weekend in Moroka village, Ntimane ward. He claimed the man took his own life following an argument with his family and fiancée. 

Some of his girlfriend's family members refused to let him see his fiancée, a 43-year-old guy. He then began to torment the family members, telling them that by marrying his sweetheart, they had prevented him from having the chance to establish a family. 

After the miscommunication, according to Padi, the girlfriend's family filed a joint nuisance report with the police against the 43-year-old guy. He continued by saying that the man informed his family upon returning home that he intended to commit suicide next to the train line.

When the police investigated the incident after receiving a complaint, they discovered the man hanging from a tree after following his footprints. 

The concerned station commander meanwhile urged the populace to seek professional assistance when they are having problems because suicide is not a viable option. He added that individuals left behind are constantly burdened and hurt by suicide.

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