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Best 9 Ways to make money as a student in Nigeria

One of the challenges of an average Nigerian student is money. How did I spend it? Where did it all go? More importantly, how can I make money and invest the money as a student so I can earn in return? When all these questions cloud your mind, you're distracted from your purpose as a student.

You think of lectures, assignments, exams, and possibly some carry-over courses, and you end up getting distressed with the major thought of making money, more still if you don't know how to. 

You need resources for not just your personal needs but also your academic needs. In some institutions, some lecturers demand you pay before being awarded your rightful score. Is your pocket money always enough? This is why you should have some means of income and this article discusses them below.


Hairdressers make cool cash in Universities and Polytechnics. Yes! With the economic crises and all that, they don't stop making their hair. Always needing to flex the latest hairstyle or braids, they are willing to pay a huge amount to a hairdresser who is good at their work.


If you're a hairdresser and stay in hostels or lodges, the sky is your limit as you may not have the chance to meet up for appointments. Home services are sometimes appreciated while you end up charging your price. 

The good thing is that both genders can do this job. 

Guys aren't relenting in looking good, wanting to get the latest haircuts- like Punk, Afro, Galaxy, and even skin cut and if you're good in the work, guys will book you for your services.

Ladies are now migrating to cutting, spraying, and giving it a good treat. You can learn this skill if you don't know how to. You're on your way to earning a lot, especially in school,

Makeup and Nail Technician

For occasions like Matriculation, Convocation, birthday celebrations, dinner nights, burn fires, etc. Makeup artists are needed. are making it big on campus across Nigeria. Every female student wants to look beautiful. 

For instance, On Matriculation day, female freshers look their best and even compete in the best look. From their makeup to their nails, they flaunt them. 


Once you're good, you'll get referrals from their contacts when they upload pictures on their social media platforms. In hostel or lodges, you'll get like 6 to 7 appointments on these top occasions and make your cool cash. You can learn this skill too if you want to earn from it.

Off-Campus Lodge Agent

There are few accommodation provisions by Universities and Polytechnics for their students. At the beginning of each academic session, when many students try to get accommodation, this is where you come in as an Off-Campus lodge agent. 

Students are willing to pay any amount to get a comfortable lodge for their privacy. 

You can become a lodging agent by linking students with caretakers or landlords. Firstly, you should know the off-campus area well,  sign a deal with the caretakers and landlords and assure them that you can get them, student tenants, at a commission fee.

You can get as much as ten thousand nairas (N10,000). Now calculate getting ten students in a week, a whopping sum, right?

Your target should be first-year students and relocating students.

Academic stuff like Note selling, tutoring, and being a course rep

Responsibilities like being a course rep pay off. You heard right. Times when you sell your lecturer's handout, you could add some amount say 100 nairas. In a class of 1000 or more students, you earn in the sales. 

Also, if you're very attentive in class, you have the benefit of having comprehensive notes which you can sell during exam periods.  

If you're good at some courses, you could offer help to your mates at an affordable rate. Little money from these platforms ends up yielding little amount that can solve a particular need for you.

Baking and Snack making 

On special occasions, Cakes add a particular color to the day, As a baker, you're sure to get amazing deals. From baking birthday cakes to making cupcakes, Making cake and cupcakes is a profitable business on campus. There's hardly any lady in school that celebrates a birthday without baking a cake.


Although baking materials are quite expensive, the gains are amazing when you get lots of deals. 

After classes, a snack is the best option that students buy to eat. Meat pies, buns, and fish rolls, to mention but a few are greatly loved, and if you're good at making them, you'll have lots of orders and make good money from them too. Learn this skill if you don't know how to and say no to lack in school. 

Data and Airtime Reselling

Every student needs data to be aware of school activities, browse assignments, and even watch some online courses. Students also need data to stay on social media apps and chat too. This is why choosing this business isn't a bad idea either. 


The business involves purchasing SME data bundles in bulk and then resell to students. You can also deal with cheaper data offers. For example, you can sell 1GB of data for N300 and make a profit. Data resellers buy data from telecommunication companies like Glo, MTN, Airtel, etc. 

As a data wholesaler, you can buy data at cheaper rates too. Airtime isn't left behind. You can send bulk airtime in cases of giveaways and rewards. It doesn't require much capital for a start.

Graphics Designer/ Illustrator

Graphic jobs are among the job opportunities for a student. For instance designing banners, flyers, and flex for events like dinner nights, church programs, and academic tutorials can be contracted to you.

Get a good knowledge about designing and graphic work and avoid posting jokes online.  Once your designs are catchy and affordable, watch how you get recommendations without stress. 

Become an Egg supplier

Eggs are the go-to protein for Nigerian students. A lot love eggs and can't make a meal, especially indomie without egg. Analysis of the number of eggs consumed nationwide daily by Nigerian students isn't confirmed as it's on the increase.


It is an excellent small-scale business to go into as a student as it needs minimum capital to start. If you stay in a hostel or lodge, your house becomes the most sought place. 

You can also be a supplier for food canteens and shops around you. Once they notice your hard work, they'll always want to patronize you. 

Selling Clothes and Accessories

Students love to look their best at all times. You can consider this business as well. You could join in the preorder sales, and students order clothes they like. Tees, trousers, jeans, Ankara, and shoes are all sold in this business. If you play your cards well, you'll be a known cloth seller in school.


You can also sell top-notch thrift wears too. Just make sure its quality is at its peak. Ladies appreciate bags, so get the best of it and see orders calling.

There are various options on how to make money in Nigeria as a student online and offline and with these listed options, you are on your way to becoming a mini entrepreneur. 

You can try building your customer base on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, or even Facebook. Get yourself free from lack today as you choose one of these listed ways.

Excellence Chukwuma Chukwunaedu

Excellence Chukwuma Chukwunaedu

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