Current Date: 28 May, 2024

A stable pact between Eritrea and Ethiopia

"Hostilities in the Tigray region have recently been deemed to be over, ending the two-year war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. But long-standing ethnic tensions still exist between the two nations, and enduring, sustainable peace might remain elusive."

Eritrea and Ethiopia have been fighting for the past two years. Still, recently, hostilities in the Tigray region have been declared to be over. But long-standing ethnic tensions still exist between the two nations, and enduring, sustainable peace might remain elusive. 

A stable pact between Eritrea and Ethiopia

These tensions must be eased to maintain the peace agreement and avert further conflict. How can pressures be reduced most effectively and successfully? 

Collective social stress has been a major contributing factor to colonial violence. This human issue calls for a human response. There is already a tried-and-true technique to reduce hostilities, end prolonged violence, and avert future conflicts. 

It uses techniques from the nonreligious Transcendental Meditation (TM) program as part of its brain-based Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) to stop violence and promote peace.

This unconventional but compelling non-violent strategy prevents tensions from developing before they lead to conflict, war, and terrorism, according to scientific research.


A potent "field effect" of coherence and peace spreads throughout the consciousness of the neighborhood when large groups of trained practitioners practice the advanced TM techniques twice daily. 

The results include consistent and measurable decreases in conflict, war deaths, terrorism, and crime. Moreover, these results have been repeatedly confirmed by extensive scientific research.

Ethiopian and Eritrean security forces could train and keep a small group of specialists in the IDT tactic for a negligible outlay of time, labor, and resources.

These teams of TM experts would serve as "prevention brigades," engaging in twice-daily meditation to diffuse the deeply ingrained regional tensions and animosities that lead to conflict. 

According to research, societal conditions in both countries and elsewhere would quickly improve once an IDT program was operational. In addition, there would be greater coherence in both nations' collective consciousness as long as the peace-making group is in place.

This will lead to greater harmony and peace in all spheres of society. The people and their leaders would find better ways to improve their living conditions. 

When high tensions subsided, there would be less violence, ushering in a time when people valued diversity in race, religion, and culture. People accept and celebrate one another instead of viewing their differences with fear and hatred when they are less stressed.

Security forces and other groups trained in IDT techniques could achieve this objective. In addition, people of all ages, including schoolchildren and retirees, could enlist. 

Even though this strategy might seem too straightforward to be accurate, there are times when it works best to keep things simple. Therefore, we suggest the books below: 

Barry Spivack and Patricia Anne Saunders' An Antidote to Violence: Evaluating the Evidence and Robert Keith Wallace, Jay Marcus, and Christopher Clark's The Coherence Effect.

The extensive scientific research that supports the use of the Transcendental Meditation program to reduce violence, treat PTSD, and treat other stress-related issues is extensively covered in these new books.

The armed forces of Ethiopia and Eritrea are in charge of defending their respective nations. Therefore, they must carefully consider strategies for putting an end to terrorism and war that are realistic and supported by science. 

Furthermore, military personnel are paid to carry out their tasks and defend their country. Therefore, they are responsible for creating IDT prevention brigades because they are funded for this purpose.

A global coherence effect can be created by synchronizing 15,000 advanced meditators using IDT technologies twice daily. It would be more than enough to initiate a phase transition that would ultimately result in lasting peace for all nations.

After this changeover, both countries would be praised internationally for averting a worsening of the world's conflicts and possibly saving the planet from extinction.

To stabilize both countries' precarious situation, we implore both militaries to implement the IDT strategy quickly. For example, IDT military prevention brigades could be established in Ethiopia and Eritrea separately.

Or, as was already mentioned, the two countries militaries could quickly put together a prevention brigade made up of an equal number of individuals from each.

Members of the combined IDT prevention brigade could station themselves in each other's nation for half the time in the interest of peaceful coexistence. The two dangerously estranged nations' friendship and cooperation would be further encouraged by this.

IDT is a proactive defense paradigm that is prepared for use. Military leaders would be wise to implement this practical solution as soon as possible because they don't have much time left. If men's minds are where wars begin, then peace must start there.

The best time to apply this scientifically proven technique is right now, given the countless peace initiatives that have been attempted but failed. 

IDT is a cutting-edge brain-based technology that may maximize the safety and security of both Eritrea and Ethiopia while also reducing unrest and bloodshed. Here is a chance for both nations to take the lead in the peacebuilding our troubled world desperately needs.

Excellence Chukwuma Chukwunaedu

Excellence Chukwuma Chukwunaedu

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