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7 Gabon Family Christmas Ideas

Being a predominantly Christian nation, Gabon observes several religious holidays and traditions based on its religious beliefs, like Ramadan.

Located in the middle of the continent, Gabon is an African nation. The two national holidays most looked forward to our Christmas and New Year's. However, its most prominent features are the nation's French heritage and breathtaking coastal vistas. 

7 Gabon Family Christmas Ideas

The activities, incredible natural wonders, and enjoyable nightlife of Gabon make life exciting. Since Gabon is situated on the equator, its geographic beauty is exceptional.  

Every country's area is adorned with waterfalls, hills, and jungles, creating an unforgettable natural experience. Discover unique and fascinating facts about Gabon by exploring its neighborhoods.

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Spend time planning how you want those days off from school to go. Make a plan so your children will understand what to expect. It doesn't need to be complex. 

Having just one "Holiday Happening" per day can suffice. But then, you can check out some of the suggestions we've provided below or create some of your Christmas magic during this time.

You and your family could visit incredible locations if you prefer an outdoor celebration. You can visit places like the Musée National des Arts et Traditions du Gabon, Marche du Mont-Bouet, and L'Eglise St-Michel Libreville.


Fantastic celebrations

Even if you have to work during your children's Christmas vacation, you can still spend quality time together. Spend a half-hour or an hour doing something Christmas-related when you get home in the evening.

It can be as simple as watching a Christmas movie or as involved as leaving treats on your neighbors' doorsteps. If your children are old enough, put them in charge of selecting each day's activity from our Christmas bucket list, or have them come up with their ideas.

Colorful customs

Gabonese regions celebrate differently and incorporate indigenous religious traditions into their festivities, like Gabonese flag on a Christmas tree and gift boxes.

Furthermore, thanks to the colonial masters' influence, Christmas in African countries such as Gabon is marked by exchanging gifts and creating wish lists. It's an excellent activity for young children up to teenagers. 

It's magical for little kids; for older kids, it's silly, but it gets them thinking about others rather than themselves. 

Gabon safari tours are enjoyable.

Experience a deep exploration of two of Africa's most famous national parks: Lope National Park, Gabon's oldest, and Loango National Park, the country's most famous.

You could start with a trip to Lope National Park, where we can check off seeing the world's largest population of Mandrills. A troop of 1,350 mandrills spotted in the park is the largest group of primates ever recorded.

Going in large groups of 150 and 300 people is necessary for safety reasons. The following day, we'll spend time with lowland gorillas and have a fantastic opportunity to see chimps in the Mikongo rainforest.

Our journey continues to Loango National Park, Gabon's most famous wildlife reserve, also known as "The Last Eden." Loango is a true paradise on earth for animal lovers.


Carol's singing and musical programs

As was already mentioned, singing songs dates back to the paganism of the festivals before Christmas. The Greek word "choraulein," which meant "an ancient circle dance performed to flute music," is, in fact, the source of the English word “carol.”

Early Christians wisely chose to incorporate Christian songs into the tradition rather than forbid the singing of carols because it was already a well-established custom.

Because most early Christian carols were written in Latin, a language only used by the church in the middle ages, the practice lost some appeal.

However, in subsequent times, carol singing has crept into the African culture and Gabon isn't left behind. There's so much fun singing the Christmas carols;;; yes, it gives room for bonding as a family.

Birding Tours

This Equatorial West African nation that speaks French lacks any endemic bird species.

However, several enticing species are easier to find here than anywhere else, including the African River Martin, White-crested Tiger Heron, Rosy Bee-eater, Vermiculated Fishing Owl, and various other Congo-basin species. 

Another highly prized species that may be encountered along your route is the strange Grey-necked Rockfowl. 

General merriment

Without festivities and merriments, what is a celebration? The entire Christmas season is spent eating meals with family and enjoying special treats. 

Family members can try traditional dishes like Bananas With Four Croustillantes (Gabonese Baked Bananas), Nyembwe Poulet / Moambe Chicken (Gabonese Chicken Stew), Gabonese Brochettes (Gabonese Skewers), etc.

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