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7 Egypt Family Christmas Ideas

Christmas is the most magical moment of the year, and a place with rich architectural, historical, and cultural heritage, like Egypt, is the best place to celebrate it.

7 Egypt Family Christmas Ideas

But did you know that it is also well known for the distinctive customs it upholds during the Christmas season? Egypt is considered a holy location because it is thought that the Holy Family visited Egypt while Jesus was still an infant.

In Egypt, every nook and cranny is decked out for Christmas with lights, trees, and other customary decorations. So we thought you might be interested in knowing the following facts about Christmas in Egypt:

  • Every year, on January 7, Egypt celebrates Christmas.
  •  Egyptians also fast for 43 days, known as "lent fasting," from November 25 to January 6.
  • During this fast, they only eat vegan foods that don't contain meat or dairy products, such as chicken, beef, milk, cheese, or eggs.
  • On Christmas Day, the poor are given "Zalabya" (donuts) and "Bouri" (Mullet Fish)
  • Santa Claus is called Baba Noel in Egypt, meaning Father Christmas.

The Safest way to travel to Egypt is by plane; you can land at Cairo International Airport or Luxor International Airport, Egypt's main airport.

After that, you can easily hail a cab or take a bus from the airport to your hotel before getting into the Christmas spirit. Then, if you have more time, you can plan a cruise to Egypt with your friends.

During the Christmas season, temperatures in Egypt can reach 23°C during the day and drop to 15°C at night. Usually, tourists planning to visit Egypt for Christmas would be very comfortable traveling this December, as there is low humidity and heat.

I am making it the ideal weather to enjoy and experience Christmas in Egypt uniquely.

Go shopping for Christmas decorations.

Who wouldn't want to spend time shopping in Egypt? There are numerous shops, stalls, and malls filled with unique items where you could spend hours shopping.


Depending on what you or your family likes to splurge on, you can buy various items at the souks or the mall. Make an effort to get an early start.

St. Mark's Cathedral: Attend the Christmas Eve Mass Beautiful location

This cathedral is considered to be the most crucial cathedral in Egypt. The cathedral will be packed during the Christmas Eve Mass, where everyone prays and sings together while hearing the stories of Jesus. 


This is a unique experience because several customs are involved during the mass, making it unique. In addition, the group is broadcast on radio and television throughout the country in case anyone cannot attend the Christmas Eve Mass.

Have a Christmas feast on January 7


You can also enjoy an authentic Christmas feast. This day marks the end of the month's fasts, so you can expect to be treated to delicious cuts of meat and 'Fata,' a tasty and flavorful lamb soup made with bread, garlic, rice, and boiled lamb meat.

Make sure to indulge in these Egyptian delicacies.

The Nile cruise adventure

The Nile, Africa's longest river, is yet another symbol of Egyptian civilization. A cruise down the Nile River is one of the fun activities to do as a family on holiday in the country. 


There are numerous options, including one of the most famous beings from Aswan to Luxor. The cruise will last four nights and will make pit stops along the way.

You will not only be able to take short excursions to each port and learn about the glory of the ancient tombs and temples. You'll also have a great time as a family on a cruise boat down the Nile River.

You can enjoy the constantly changing scenery as the boat slowly moves down the river. You can immerse yourself in the Egyptian atmosphere, from colorful villages to deserts.

The Beaches of the Red Sea Coast

Who doesn't adore the beach? An entire day spent relaxing and sunbathing on the beach, or participating in various water sports, is a fun way to have a family holiday in Egypt. 


Egypt has a few great beach towns bordering the Red Sea to the east. While Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are popular tourist destinations, Marsa Alam is a newer development that visitors often overlook. 

Regardless of which one you choose, they all have stunning white sandy beaches and excellent conditions for underwater activities. If your children are older, this would be a perfect opportunity for them to learn to dive or snorkel. But, on the other hand, a day at the beach is well spent!

Learn about the Holy Family's visit to the country

The stories of the Holy Family's journey with the infant Jesus make Christmas even more special in Egypt. They spent about four years in Egypt, where their journey began in Sinai at Al-Farma, which bordered Gaza, and ended in Tarnaka, Assuit, after fleeing from Jerusalem. 


This is not to be missed, as these stories will provide insight into how the Holy Family spent their time traveling and meeting people across Egypt with Christ.

Give gifts to family and friends.

This is one of the most well-known traditions observed worldwide, in which families and friends gather to exchange gifts purchased for each other.


However, if this is too commercial for you, you can make a change by distributing food to the poor. Don't forget that Christmas is also a time to give to those in need.

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