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42-year-old former Alabama All-American running back Ahmaad Galloway, dies unexpectedly

Ahmaad Galloway, a former Alabama great running back, died abruptly last week at 42.

42-year-old former Alabama All-American running back Ahmaad Galloway, dies unexpectedly

Galloway was an eighth-grade English teacher at St. Louis' Compton-Drew Middle School. The school notified authorities when Galloway failed to show up for work unexpectedly. On Monday, police conducted a welfare check and discovered the former football star dead in his residence.

Susan Reid, an administrator of Compton-Drew Middle School, told WVTM-TV, “Ahmaad was typically punctual and responsible, so we suspected something was amiss. However, because there was no disruption at Ahmaad's flat, we suspect it was a medical emergency.”

"The medical examiner is investigating how Ahmaad died," Reid said of Galloway's untimely demise. "The family gathers from around the country before making funeral preparations."

Galloway's official cause of death has yet to be revealed. Austin and Aubrey Galloway, his two children, were his survivors.  

Reid stated that the door of Galloway's classroom would remain closed out of respect. "Ahmaad was always quiet and humble," said Galloway's sister, Kimberley Slaughter.

My brother grew up loving football and later adored his children, Austin and Aubrey."Growing up, he always said he would make it to the NFL, and he did," Galloway's cousin, Monaco Houston, revealed. He had a soft smile and was bashful. He was always terrific with youngsters as he grew up, and he was adored."

"We spoke about life, not football," former Crimson Tide linebacker Marvin Constant said. We spoke just a week ago, and he sounded fantastic. We've been close since 2002, when we both recovered from knee problems.

"When Ahmaad arrived at Bama, he was humble, yet mature beyond his years," said former Alabama offensive lineman Griff Redmill. He seemed sophisticated and well-dressed, and I immediately realized he might be a lifelong friend."

For four years, the Tennessee native played football at the University of Alabama. Between 1999 and 2002, Galloway ran for 1,830 yards and 17 touchdowns with the Crimson Tide.

Galloway, on the other hand, sustained a season-ending knee injury in his senior year, limiting him to only four games. Nevertheless, despite a dismal senior season, Galloway was picked in the 2003 NFL Draft third round by the Denver Broncos.

Unfortunately, Galloway missed his debut year in the NFL due to a knee injury. However, Galloway returned to the NFL Europe league after recuperating from his injury and playing for the Scottish Claymores. Galloway was traded to the San Diego Chargers but never appeared in an NFL game.

Galloway last played professionally in Europe with the Frankfurt Galaxy in 2005.

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