Current Date: 28 Sep, 2023

2022 NFT And Metaverse Trademark Applications Surpass 2021 Total

2022 NFT And Metaverse Trademark Applications Surpass 2021 Total

The number of trademark applications relating to the metaverse, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and Web3 is proof that these sectors have exploded this year. 2022 data shows there have been twice as many applications in its first eight months as the entire 2021.

So far, trademark applications filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for NFTs and related technology have been over 5,800

As stated in data shared by Mike Kondoudis (trademark attorney), this is over two and a half times above the 2,087 recorded in 2021. Applications in March alone were over 1,000. There was a large increase in the number of trademark applications when celebrities and major brands flocked to NFTs.

Sony Music Entertainment, a global music giant, is the most recent brand that filed its application this week. Sony wants the Columbia Record logo to be used for artist management, music and podcast production and NFT-backed media.

Recently, the French luxury brand Hermes filed an application, revealing it was venturing into NFTs. This week, Ford also filed 19 trademark applications relating to NFTs. Showing it might venture into online stores for digital collectables.

Lots of celebrities have flocked to NFTs, with the latest to apply for NFT trademarks being singer Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus is on the lookout to trademark “Miley” and “Miley Cyrus,” hinting at future plans to release NFT-related virtual goods.

Kondoudis revealed the metaverse has as well seen a flurry of activities this year. Within the first eight months of this year, there have been 4,150 filed trademark applications for metaverse and other related technologies.

March experienced the highest activities, with 759 applications filed. This is more than two times the 1,866 applications filed in the whole of 2021. In the first eight months of 2022, digital asset-related applications hit 3,600, slightly covering the 3,516 recorded in the whole of 2021.

NFTs are fast growing. In 2021, it was recorded that Mike Winkelmann, a digital artist sold one NFT called “Beeple” in a JPG file for $69.3 million at an online auction.

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