Current Date: 2 Oct, 2023

20 individuals pass away in a neighborhood in Cross River from a potential cholera outbreak

We found that the illness was spreading quickly this time and that victims were dying within minutes after giving out watery stools.

20 individuals pass away in a neighborhood in Cross River from a potential cholera outbreak

A suspected cholera outbreak in the Ekeureku hamlet of Cross River State, south-south Nigeria, may have claimed the lives of twenty individuals. Since Thursday, ten communities in the neighborhood are said to have been impacted.


Iwara Iwara, the Permanent Secretary at the Cross River Ministry of Health, confirmed the epidemic but claimed he could not estimate the number of fatalities.

To combat the epidemic in the neighborhood that is adjacent to neighboring Ebonyi State, he did ensure that the state government has activated a health fast reaction team.

The outbreak was discovered after several people began experiencing severe diarrhea and dehydration, according to one village head who begged that his name not be included in the paper.

He claimed that the initial assumption regarding the illness was that it was related to the dry season. However, However, "We found that the disease was spreading quickly this time and was killing victims shortly after giving out watery stools.

"As of Saturday, more than 20 people had died among the ten villages from suspected cholera," he said. The village chief said that the WHO and UNICEF would soon arrive to control the issue after the community sent SOS to some community members who work in the health sector.

Reports claim that Ekeureku is a rural hamlet without access to clean water or good medical services. Agbara, Ngarabe, Ekureku-be, Akpoha, Akare-for, Anong, Emenekpon, Etegevel, Egboronyi, and Emegeh are the ten villages that make up the Ekeureku community.

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