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Egypt grants Christian parents temporary custody of their son Shenouda after consulting with the Mufti

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Egypt sends additional aid to Turkey

Libya's 5+5 JMC and Liaison Committees adopt a coordination system for Libyan fighters and foreign mercenaries

Egypt's credit rating downgraded by Moody's credit rating due to decreased shock absorbency and buffers

More than 75% of Egyptians are aware of the issue of overpopulation - the Cabinet's information centers' survey

Ten mummified crocodiles were discovered in a tomb in ancient Egypt

Saudi Arabia and Egypt urge continued bilateral cooperation to address problems

Egypt will improve the capabilities of foreigners arriving in Saudi Arabia

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The Egyptian presidency's spox reveals Sisi's goal on the margins of the U.S.-Africa Summit

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China and Egypt form a civil organization to encourage cross-border investment

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The EIB has committed $413 million to a renewable investment scheme in South Africa

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6 killed, 22 injured in bus-truck collision in Upper Egypt’s Minya

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